Data Resources
Iimedia Insight
Full stack big data diversified service

Multiple subsystems complement each other and integrate massive data from Telecom Operators

monitoring in multiple areas of the industry, fast-solving data problems in a full stack.

High-level output authoritative industry reports , visual to meet user needs with high quality.

CMDAS Product System
Netizen data research
Delivery questionnaire to capture real data effectively. Discovery the development of the industry , real-time insight into the intent of netizens
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Big data public opinion control
Advanced text analysis and mining technology to help enterprises with public opinion warning
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Mobile advertising monitoring
ATC exclusive anti-cheat algorithm Delivery strategy recommendations and optimization
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Mobile application monitoring
Insight into user activity, retention, and loss. Improve promotion efficiency and reduce promotion costs
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Data aggregation platform
Gethering network data to create an authoritative think tank
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Iimedia report center
Make the accurate strategic decision with big-data
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