consultation service

  • Big data in-depth analysis service for new economic industries

    Services Program:Macro environmental analysis, industrial pattern analysis, user portrait portrayal, Corporate propagation monitoring, business operations, enterprise risk prediction and solution

    Research methods:Network-wide data monitoring, Online and offline research, Offline in-depth interviews, Enterprise field visit, Expert think tank views.

  • Government and public institutions think tank

    Service content: Comprehensively use the global network、expertise and experience to assist customers in protecting, promoting and improving their business, such as strategies and policies to assist in the formulation of priorities, Corporate background investigation of Investment promotion, network public opinion monitoring and early warning, etc.

  • Digital Transformation Strategy Consulting

    Digital technology has subverted the traditional industry landscape. In order to avoid the fate of being subverted, many companies actively explore transformation strategies. How can enterprises become active disruptors and even occupy a favorable position in the new market structure? Based on independent research and development of big data mining systems and consulting analysis capabilities, iiMedia Consulting provides transforming enterprises with opportunities for business maintenance, growth and optimization, and offers them exponential business growth brought by digitalization.

  • Investment and financing consultant (IPO consultation)

    Investment services: IPO listing route plan, corporate investment risk assessment (pre-investment value assessment, post-investment risk management and control), corporate branding and negative publicity control

Service industry

  • New economic industry
    New economic industry

    Segmentation areas: artificial intelligence, new retail, sharing economy, online education, biotechnology, online games, e-commerce, advertisement marketing, cultural entertainment, publishing media, knowledge payment, etc.

    solution:1.Advertising monitoring:User portrait,Effect monitoring,Communication analysis;2.Public Opinion consultation,Competitor‘s business analysis,Coping strategy;3.Product operation:Application trend analysis,User attribute and user behavior analysis,Smart user portrait,User retention analysis,User Source and Channel Analysis.

  • Advertising / public relations company
    Advertising / public relations company

    Public opinion monitoring and consultation,Advertising effectiveness evaluation,Industry data support,Industry summit

  • Government think tank
    Government think tank

    Investment promotion,Industrial Park Planning Proposal,Governmental internet public sentiment monitoring,Government Planning and Regional Economic Research

  • FMCG/Fast Moving Consumer Goods
    FMCG/Fast Moving Consumer Goods

    Market capacity survey,Consumer demand research,Brand Marketing,Channel construction,Business circle monitoring analysis

  • Finance

    Financial business development monitoring,Marketing and product innovation research,Marketing activity analysis,Financial product innovation analysis,Big Data Solutions

  • Investment institutions
    Investment institutions

    Invested Enterprise Research,Invested Enterprise Packaging,Corporate Reputation Management

  • Automotive industry
    Automotive industry

    Consumer insight,Vehicle Type research,Netizen sentiment analysis,Competitor‘s business research (price, user, market)

  • The real estate industry
    The real estate industry

    Market feasibility analysis,Consumer demand research,Marketing strategy consulting,Public opinion consultation service,Enterprise transformation research

  • The operator
    The operator

    Product marketing packaging,Operational planning support,Data flow realization,Industry benchmarking research,Public opinion monitoring and guidance

  • Tourism

    Tourism environmental assessment,User operation analysis,Business circle monitoring analysis

  • E-commerce

    New retail transformation,New retail solution,Businesses, user research

  • Film and television industry
    Film and television industry

    Ad delivery monitoring,Network exposure analysis,Audience portrait study

Industry influence

more than 2000 copies

Research industry environment / user behavior

iiMedia Research has published or published more than 2000 front-end reports and analysis results of the new economic industry chain every year.

more than 1 million

Mining and analyzing industry trends / user preferences

The single report released more than 1 million direct audiences, mainly for high-end investors such as investors, media people and entrepreneurs.

wind vane

Global industry investment and entrepreneurship

In recent years, Internet finance, mobile marketing, intelligent hardware, mobile medical, VR (virtual reality), and O2O home-to-home services have been influential, making them the vane of investment and entrepreneurship in the global industry.

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